Case studies Sorgel Consulting


College/University Case Study #1

Ivy league institution was combining their Student Financial Services Office and Student Loan office. They wanted to effectively communicate with their students and parents during the transition and improve overall service. Working with strategic partners, developed a customized inbound communications plan and training materials for both internal and outsource staff. The results of the combined efforts were:

  • 92% of student issues resolved during the first call
  • Remaining 8% resolved in 48 hrs
  • ‘early warning’ of service issues established through reporting

College/University Case Study #2

A mid-sized Community College wanted to develop a proactive plan for keeping students “on track” with their Semester payment plan, thus insuring they could continue their education. The College Controller also wanted to decrease the number of accounts sent to third-party collections while improving cash flow during the Semester. To improve service delivery to students visiting the office, a Customer Service training program was created for internal staff. Additionally, the creation of an outbound communications program that included creation of letter text and phone scripts designed to deliver exactly the message desired as well as a Decision Tree for common objections, resulted in:

  • Write-off reduction to 3.6% from 7%
  • Significant reduction in registration ‘holds’
  • Increased payment plan compliance
  • Billing errors and incomplete financial aid uncovered through comprehensive feedback reporting

Healthcare Case Study #1

One member hospital of a large healthcare system, needed to resolve a large group of self-pay accounts that had aged beyond 12 months. Because of the length of time that had elapsed, the first dialogue with the patient had to be investigative - confirming information regarding service, insurance, claims and payments. Out of respect for the hospital’s patients, this investigation had to be done before asking for payment. A letter, carefully worded, was sent before any outbound phone communication was initiated. As a result, many accounts were resolved through the updating, correcting and clarification of account data, thus enabling the facility to remain sensitive to its patients during the process. This program, developed with multiple objectives in mind, achieved the following:

  • 53% of the accounts were resolved within the first 30 days
  • The critical patient relationships were maintained
  • Return on investment was over $60.00 for every $1.00 cost

Healthcare Case Study #2

Highly specialized critical care physician group, dedicated to dealing with life-and-death situations, needed to rethink their billing and follow-up processes. Understandably there was great concern for sensitivity and empathetic handling of their patients’ accounts. A strategy that involved both early outbound phone and mail contact to insure that guarantors understood what their insurance covered and what self-pay responsibility they had was undertaken. The emphasis was on assisting the guarantor in determining a successful resolution. Outcomes included:

  • A specific plan of action for billing and proactive communication with guarantors is in place for internal staff
  • Increased responsiveness by guarantors in following up with their insurance providers
  • 45% reduction in accounts requiring third-party collection activity

References for each of the abovementioned projects, as well as additional references, available upon request.